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Main Office

410 E Main St

Box Elder, MT 59521

Ph: (406) 352-4195


Elementary Office

Ph: (406) 352-3222



The Staff and Faculty here at Box Elder make up the backbone of our school. Whether it's teaching a subject, counseling, transporting, fixing computers, or serving lunch, each staff member plays an important role at our school.

Elementary Secretary/Accounts Payable - Yvonne Rosette

Elementary Secretary - Luke Henry

Payroll/Athletic Director - Neal Rosette, Jr.

District Clerk/Business Manager - Alvina Friede

Administrative Assistant - Wilma Belcourt

Computers/Technology - Travis Baumann

Bus Driver/Maintenance - Rosemary Burns

Bus Driver/Maintenance - Carita Lodgepole

Bus Driver/Maintenance - Ivan Morning

Bus Driver/Maintenance - Christopher Torres

Bus Driver/Maintenance - Samuel Boushie

Bus Driver - Hunter Burns

Bus Driver - Colin Day Child

Maintenance - Edmund Parker

Maintenance - Dennis Gardipee

Custodian - Burke Briere

Custodian - Tim Koop

Custodian - John Striker

Custodian/Bus Monitor - Kevin Moore

Custodian/Aide - Frances Rosette

Kitchen Assistant/Custodian - Craig Gardipee

Head Cook Kitchen - Stacy Jones

Kitchen Assistant - Jenny LaSalle

Kitchen Assistant - Patrick Jones

Kitchen Aide/Dishwasher - Tyler Lawrence

Katherine Favel - Office Aide

Daycare - Katie Bell

Daycare - Emily Kallenberger

Daycare - Dionne Johnson

Daycare - Tori Blea

Paraprofessional Aide - Andrea Baumann

Paraprofessional Aide - Jodi Four Colors

Paraprofessional Aide - Darla Friede

Paraprofessional Aide - Stephanie Genereux

Paraprofessional Aide - Robert LaRoque

Paraprofessional Aide - Kylee McDermott

Paraprofessional Aide - June Phillips

Paraprofessional Aide - Darla Red Bear

Paraprofessional Aide - Dana Roe

Paraprofessional Aide - Lorrie Rosette

Paraprofessional Aide - Whitney Rosette

Paraprofessional Aide - Sandy Sarracino

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